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In honor of Election Day, a found text poem about Mitt Romney

You Heard It From Ann Romney’s Horse’s Mouth

It doesn’t make a lot of sense for us to have millions and millions.
Mitt believes that life begins at conception,
impeccably behaved and well received.

Go to the emergency room and get entirely free care
because the good heart of America knows no boundaries,
short of mocking Shetland ponies over their lack of stature.

Romney is always quick to say
“I fully understand” and won’t “second guess” forced abortion
although, to be fair, it’s not easy to say precisely.


“Romney’s Medicaid Comments on ‘60 Minutes’ Raise Eyebrows” via NPR
“Values” section via the official Mitt Romney Website
“Ann Romney’s horse fails to win dressage but avoids offending British” via The Guardian



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